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We solve your daily problems with our mobile application.
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Mobility & collaboration

We realize app with best approaches and real time access to mobility information. We realize geo app with the best optimized solution

Mobile App

We give very importance to usability of our apps. Our apps solve daily problems and it gives you the possibility to spend less time during your daytime. In addition our mobile apps give you the possibility to improve your business with a series of indispensable tools. Those tools give your employees the possibility to become more competitive.

Cloud Computing

Another important focus of our apps are the cloud solution. This guarantees high operating time and high performance.

User friendly

We build app that are very simple to use. Our product is designed with its intended users in mind at all times because we are the first user of our app!

Project Management

Our project follow the whole software life-cycle, keeping more attention during planning and testing. Planning and Testing are the most important phases of software life-cycle.


Here we show what we produced so far!

Scopa Scorer

Android Application

Discount Helper

Android Application

Coffee Battery Widget

Android Application

Our Amazing Team

Friends sharing the passion for computer science and mobile app.


Co-CEO, Lead Developer


Co-CEO, Mobile Solution Architect


Software Architect, Account Manager


Head of Front-End Development


Head of Graphic Solution

We have been studing toghether since 2011, and driven by our passion for technology, we started to develop smart and versatile applications, principally for our needs. The our first application had so much success with our friends that we decided to invest time and money to make it better. After that we started to pubblish our application on the store.

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